From Lesvos,

with Love β™₯


In September 2015, we arrived on the Greek island of Lesvos to support the thousands of refugees arriving daily by boat from Turkey.

We promised to stay and support people as long as we were needed. Both refugees, and the local community.

We are still there.

Since the beginning of 2015, over 10,000 rubber dinghies have been discarded on the shores of Lesvos due to a lack of safe passage for refugees seeking asylum in Europe. 

In response to this, Lighthouse Relief started our environmental clean-up operation of the shores, ECO Relief, to support the local residents, the environment, and provide a safer landing for the refugees that continue to arrive on the rocky shores of the northern coast of Lesvos.

Our Upcycling initiative transforms these discarded materials from boat landings into beautiful, functional items. 

Using materials cleaned from the local areas, the Lighthouse Relief volunteers give waste a new lease of life. 

The items represent stories of resilience; their durable, functional character reflects the original material from which they were created. They are all individual looking conversation pieces and advocates for safe passages for refugees and protected beaches, tirelessly cleaned by many dedicated LHR volunteers.

All profits goes back into our work cleaning the beaches, and our work assisting refugees. 


Visit the local residents of Skala Sikamineas in this video and get the background to why Lighthouse Relief was formed. Our Emergency Response Coordinator Andrea will tell you about the Landing Team and its mission, and our ECO Relief coordinator Isabel will show you the cleaning operation and Upcycling.


All the material is gathered on Lesvos at our daily ECO Relief clean-ups or after our landing team have assisted refugees arriving.

Wallet hand made by Lighthouse Relief volunteers using only boat rubber.

All our pouches, purses and wallets are made by our volunteers, only using boat rubber and comes in a variety of colours.

Let the Lighthouse Relief coordinators on Lesvos tell you more about the cleaning operation, upcycling and refugee response!

All the products are hand-made with love in our camp in Skala Sikamineas, Lesvos.

Bracelet made from a rubber dinghy that our team cleaned from the shore.

Buying a product can be considered as a donation, as all money goes back into our projects supporting the environment and refugees.


Lighthouse volunteer Juan is describing the ECO Relief & Upcycling project while making a bag!

We have many extra pieces for sale in our camp.Β Outside the products we sell online, our volunteers use their creativity to make all kinds of functional or decorative objects.

We have additional pieces for sale in our camp. Our volunteers use their creativity to make all kinds of functional or decorative objects.


Follow our work on Instagram @lighthouseecorelief

Our Lighthouse ECO Relief team spends their days cleaning the shores of Lesvos. Follow their daily work on the remote shores, life in camp and the upcycling workshops.

Visit our camp in Skala Sikamineas β€” or join us!

You can come and visit our reception camp for refugees, where we also do our upcycling projects. Here you can buy the products from our staff volunteers in the camp. Or, join the Lighthouse ECO Relief and Upcycling team of volunteers β€” and our emergency refugee response on Lesvos!


ECO Relief & Upcycling in media!

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